Ocean World

Ocean World is a 72' catamaran which was constructed by a company in Maple Ridge. After many delays and poor workmanship the yacht was moved to Platinum Yacht Services to be completed. A-Sea Marine Electrical was contracted to finish the electrical systems. The yacht was designed as a high speed catamaran. For propulsion it had 2 Cat engines and Rolls Royce water jets. The designed top speed was 45 knots. On sea trials it reached 32 knots. Because of the poor workmanship many areas and systems had to be rebuilt. Platinum rebuilt a lot of the woodwork, Repaint a lot of the boat and rework the mechanical systems. The electrical systems were far from complete and a lot of systems needed to be redesigned and rewired.

The main power distribution panel war totally redesigned with all the control wiring removed and then rewired.

The yacht came with no ships alarm panel. A custom panel was built to fit the dash in the Pilot House. It includes Bilge pump indicators and counters, bilge high water alarms, E/R Fire system, and Rolls Royce control alarms.

The Caterpillar and Rolls Royce Control systems were redesigned and rewired to meet the manufacturers requirements This was very interesting because a water jet propelled yacht of this size dose not operate like a regular yacht with propellers. The Rolls Royce electronics controls both the engines and jets. The yacht is controlled by a single joy stick It controls the direction of the boat and the speed. It can also steer it. There is no need for bow thrusters. With the jets this yacht can go sideways at 6 knots!!

Many systems had to be put together to complete Ocean World. Most of the domestic electrical needed completion including inside and outside lighting, air conditioning, E/R fans and much more